Dental Services


Using our state-of-the art metal 3D printer we are producing the following:


Full range of tooth-borne applications including copings, crowns, bridges of up to 16 units, full contour bridges, and maryland bridges

2017-01-31 06.03.03.jpg


Full range of implant-borne applications from crowns to large complex bridges                                   



Removable Partial Dentures printed to the your designs for patients who are unable to have bridges                         


Our manufacturing process is CE certified and provides high quality products:

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Chrome Cobalt

CE certified (CE 0537) bio-compatible Chrome Cobalt metal-ceramic alloy powder manufactured in Europe. Restorations that use this powder meet ISO specifications for bonding strength and biocompatibility  

2017-01-31 06.03.03.jpg

3D Printer

State of the metal 3D printer made in Germany which uses Powder Bed Fusion technology for direct metal laser sintering of powder layers of 20um with an accuracy of +/- 20um                                  



CE certified manufacturing process. Finished products are completely dense and comply with EN 1641 and EN ISO 22674